Beginner Master Yi Set Edit

Note: You get 5 chest ( Level 10,20,30,40,100), you can not have duplicate only in these boxes..

Bag beginner

(Chest) Cowsep's Beginner Bag Level 10~40 - ( 1 Beginner Yi Item ) Edit

This bag contains a few coins of cow gold, as well as another Beginner Yi item to keep you going! (Unlocked by leveling up)

Bag beginner 100

(Chest) Cowsep's Beginner Bag Level 100 - ( 1 Beginner Yi Item ) Edit

You are no longer a beginner. Once you can open this item, you will be a full grown member of the herd. Congratulations! (Unlocked by leveling up)

Yi helm

Beginner Yi Helm - (+1 Static Gold Gain) Edit

We all have to start somewhere!

(Unlocked by leveling up)

Yi top

Beginner Yi Armor - (+1 Static Gold Gain) Edit

This armor will keep you safe and warm on journeys to come.

(Unlocked by leveling up)

Yi pants

Beginner Yi Pants - (+1 Static Gold Gain) Edit

A true master is an eternal student! Start learning about the point system with these sturdy pants.

(Unlocked by leveling up).

Yi gloves

Beginner Yi Gloves - (+1 Static Gold Gain) Edit

We all have to start somewhere! With these gloves you will be ready to weild any sword you may find along your journey.(Unlocked by leveling up).
Yi shoes

Beginner Yi Boots - (+1 Static Gold Gain) Edit

As a beginner you may have a long way to go, but these boots will safely carry you to your goal.

(Unlocked by leveling up).