Joseph Osceola "Cowsep" Hursey was born on March 16th, 1990 and lived on a farm in Ohio, United States and is currently living in South Korea since August of 2012. He graduated from Indiana University.He used to teach English in Middle School. Before his League of Legends Career he played Grand Chase very well and was one of the best Grand Chase players.[2][3]

Cowsep has been playing League of Legends in November of 2009, since then he has gotten multiple accounts to Diamond and even reached master. His account "Cow셉" had a 75% winrate on the Korean server and peaked at Master.

His stream had 16,390,586 total views on October 24th, 2015.

His largest sub-chain was obtained on August 18th for a grand total of 449 subs (previously 209 on July 31st) given a 10 minute interval chain decay. This high influx of subs was a result of the sub-chain slots being first implemented and tested on this day.


  • Popularized jungle + TP Master Yi.
  • Is well known for utilizing Master Yi's Alpha Strike to dodge champion abilities and turret shots and using Master Yi's Meditate effectively to reduce champion abilities' damage.
  • Cowsep actually has two cats: Hangun (Luck)(Orange coloured) and Sido (Tuxedo)(Black coloured), they can be viewed on his stream from time to time.
  • He like to farm and carry his team in the late game.
  • He is one of, if not the best, Master Yi player in the world.
  • His runes and masteries for Master Yi can be found here.
  • While his stream is down he eats, sleeps and goes to the gym.
  • In-between games he likes to play other games. (ex. Pokemon Omega Ruby )
  • Cowsep's favorite MMORPG was Silkroad Online .
  • Cowsep really hates Alistar  Nidalee, Lee Sin and Riven.
  • Cowsep was a well known player in Luna Online .
  • Whenever Cowsep feeds in a match he will stop trying to fight and start split pushing instead.
  • Most of his old students play League of Legends
  • Shaved his head bald because he got 100k subs on YouTube.
  • Plays MapleStory 2 when in queue or in champion select.
  • Owns various cow themed suits and over 20 of the same black sleeveless shirts but only 1 cowhat