Donations Skins Edit

Donation skins can be equipped without donating anything, but will serve no further function.

Donation skin stats such as size, amount, and speed are RANDOMLY GENERATED upon purchase!

Skin holycow

Holy Cow (1000 Gold) Edit

Your donations on the stream will be a blast from the past and rain the retired holy cow emote.
Skin cowcat

Cow Cat (2000 Gold) Edit

Your donations on the stream will rain cute little cow cats.
Skin batcow

Batcow (3500 Gold) Edit

Are you the hero that the stream deserves? With this skin equipped, your donations will rain batcows.
Skin oskomodo

FOR FREE! (1500 Gold) Edit

Your donations will rain OSkomodos! FOR FREE!... for 1500 cow gold!

Skin cowgasm

Cowgasm (Code given out in chat) Edit

Your donations rain Cowgasm...s? Wow! So rare! Much rigged!

Golden Grill (Legendary) Edit

This item will let you show off all the golden grills you got. This is a skin that will rain when you donate to Cowsep. If you do not donate, you can still wear it. Note: This item is obtainable from a Golden Bull Chest.