Gold Edit

  • Gold is gained by being connected to chat. The amount of gold you get depends on a lot of different things
  • The more you chat the more gold you will get, you also get gold by voting on matches, and equpping gear.
  • You do not have to chat to get gold. Just being connected to chat gives you gold. Because of this, its very popular to leave cowseps chat open even when you are afk

Experience Edit

  • Experience is gained the same way gold is gained, by being connected to chat.
  • Experience will be used to unlock new items you can use and influences your level.
  • There are also a lot of achievements that will increase your level.
  • Some items will scale with your level so having a high experience is good.

Ranking Points Edit

  • Ranking points reset every month and the top 100 on the leaderboards will get a prize
  • Ranking points are not influenced by gear. Only the amout you afk and chat
  • Ranking points are designed so that even a NEW user can be #1 in a month: no modifiers, no buffs, no items that influence them

Tips Edit

When cowsep is offline, you get 2x the amount of gold, exp and ranking points. Even during a host (like Riot Games) you still get 2x online points. Remember, all these points are spereate. Your gold, exp and ranking points all increase on their own. If you get 1000 exp you might get 850 ranking points, this is because items will influence the amout of exp you get, but not the ranking points

Note: you can see the prize for ranks here. Loyalty items