Golden Bull Set - from Golden Bull Chests (Obtained through subchains) Edit

Golden Bull Chests are only obtainable through subchains. These give gold every time someone subscribes or resubscribes (bonus gold is awarded for the amout of months a person has been subscribed).


(Chest) Golden Bull Chest - (1 Golden Bull Item) Edit

A chest made out of pure gold. You will sometimes receive one of these when we have a subchain going on. Open it up to receive some exclusive gear


(Uncommon) Golden Bull Horns - (+0~3 per subscriber) Edit

These stylish bull horns were once said to of worn Hyper Z Cloud II headphones before tehy were broken. Gives gold when people subscribe.

(Uncommon) Golden Bull Fluff - (+0~3 per subscriber) Edit

After a very expensive pectoral surgery you feel confident enough to show those golden nipples. Gives extra gold when people subscribe.

(Uncommon) Golden Bull Pantaloops - (+0~3 per subscriber) Edit

This bull does not skip leg day. People that do not skip leg day get more gold. Gives extra gold when people subscribe


(Uncommon) Golden Bull Footsies - (+0~3 per subscriber) Edit

These footsies have been cleaned a dozen times to prevent any form of feces from ruining the golden color. Gives extra gold when people subscribe.


(Uncommon) Golden Bull Hooves - (+0~3 per subscriber) Edit

One of the quirks between bulls and cows, you can never tell which gender the hooves belong to. This is a golden bull's hooves. Gives extra gold when people subscribe


(Rare) Bull Whip (+2~4 per subscriber) Edit

Whip the plebs into submission. Show them the true way to make cow gold is for subscribing! Gives extra gold when people subscribe.


(Rare) Red Cape (+2~4 per subscriber) Edit

Ever just wanted to make something appear from beneath a red cloth? Hello Subscriber gold! Gives extra gold when people subscribe.


(Legendary) Golden Grill (Donation Skin) Edit

This item will let you show off all the golden grills you got. This is a skin that will rain when you donate to Cowsep. If you do not donate, you can still wear it.