Limited Edition, Event, or Special Items Edit

Pax armguard

(Event) PAX East Armguard - (+4 Static Gold Gain, +4% Increased Gold Gain) Edit

A very sturdy armguard with the PAX East logo on it.

Shyv gauntlet

(Special) Shyvana's Gauntlet* - (+1 Static Gold Gain, +30 XP Static Experience Gain) Edit

One of Shyvana's gauntlets, which once made the upper half of a firce dragon's maw. It is now a Championship trophy.

*Found as a code at the end of Cowsep's AD Shyvana video

(Event) Cowsep Party Hats - Come in 69 colors and gain different amounts of Gold Edit

All the budget for the birthday event went into the design of these 7 limited hats. There was no budget left for a proper description.

Broken heart

(Event) Broken Heart - Valentine's Day Event Item Edit

A broken heart. This one was broken by (username), it still hurts a bit when you look at it for too long.

Box of chocolates

(Event) Box of Chocolates - Valentine's Day Event Item Edit

A box of chocolates. They look delicious! There is a tag on it that says “From (username) to (someone).

Cow Gold Pouches Edit

Coins small

(Special) Small Gold Pouch - (50 gold) Edit

There is a small amount of gold in this pouch. If you collect enough of these, maybe you can buy a farm in Ohio one day.
Coins medium

(Special) Gold Pouch - (150 gold) Edit

This pouch contains some gold. While it contains a bit more than a small gold pouch, it still feels pretty light.
Coins big

(Special) Big Gold Pouch - (300 gold) Edit

This pouch contains a big amount of gold. It feels heavy, but in a material world it might just be enough to buy a chest.

Gold Pouches are no longer awarded, the Sub Chain gold is now direct!